"Blossoms’ set finale is a mind-blowing light show, before they return to the stage for a five-song encore of crowd-pleasers on crowd-pleasers. 
-BN1 Magazine
"The overall staging, lighting and extras was particularly impressive from the get-go, an aspect I always forget how much I appreciate during a gig; the use of smokey pinky hues and blinding strobes throughout the show accentuated the quintet, boasting their striking showmanship, exemplifying how they’re a band to be taken seriously."
- Red Brick
// http://bit.ly/2vPk8x2
"Blossoms created a visual gem and an exciting atmosphere through using a pallet of bold, colourful strobe lighting, which also made for stunning photographs of the guys mid-action."
- Gigs and freudian slips
// http://bit.ly/2vOe6Ml
"Pinnacle moments for me were of course the epic light show, props to the tech team. It was literally a sight for sore eyes, the awesome lights against a mix of blended covers from Oasis to John Lennon, oh and to mention Blossoms performing; the gig was utterly outstanding."
-Subba - Cultcha